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Keywords are Integral to Promoting Your Business and SEO

Using keywords for your business, whether on your website, social media or blog, is important in search engine optimization (SEO)  to drive people to your website first.  Too often SEO sounds like an abstract marketing strategy for “the big guys” — corporations and large businesses. The truth is SEO leveled the playing field. Which means every small business out there can compete with the same advantages. (emilydowdle/)


complete business consulting blog SEO small business toolGoogle, Bing and other search engines use software — often referred to as “spiders” — to crawl and index the Internet. These spiders are constantly reviewing information and ranking it against similar content by relevance and popularity. ( (emilydowdle/) Complete Business Consulting (CBC)  is an expert in using keywords to get your business to the top of the search engine websites. Throughout your website, blogs, and social media postings, CBC will draw in customers to your business.


There are critical places to add keywords, and CBC knows exactly how it’s done.

*Titles – Page and blog titles are not only seen in the browser tab, but also in the search engine.

*Description – When descriptions are included in search results, they are a preview, and motivation for the consumer to click on your link. CBC adds keywords to the description for optimal clicks on your link.

*Content – CBC incorporates keywords into your website, blog, and social media postings. These keywords are integral to your business, and we are experts in using keywords to get traffic to your website through search engines. We use Facebook, Google+, and Twitter for social media to add keywords for thorough search optimization for the consumer.

*Images – This is he most common SEO oversight…No One in the history of the internet has ever done a search for Wx322907.jpg…:-) If you have images associated to your business ALWAYS name them using your keywords!


Search engines generally give more weight to the first 200 words within a page. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that keywords are used appropriately near the top of the page and proportionally throughout the page. (bruceclay) CBC always uses keywords within the first paragraph of a blog, and also throughout the entire blog, but does not over-saturate it.


To learn more about how we use keywords to promote your business, and the many other services we offer, contact us directly.

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