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Social Media Marketing Done RIGHT!

Social Media is more than telling everyone that you are eating at the mall. Social Media is today’s word of mouth marketing tool and customer relationship building platform: Blogs, Social Networks, Virtual Worlds, YouTube, etc… Online Marketing allows you to engage with your target audience. Traditional marketing was enticing but today’s online Marketing is real time and engaging, interactive and global! 

OLD way – 1 billboard, 30,000 drive past it every day, message same every day, unlikely your info will be written down or they call from the car

NEW way – 1 post/picture, viewed by 500-5000-500000, shared by 0-hundreds, liked by 1-thousands, commented on by 0-hundreds, viewed mostly on a mobile device, next post something different, gains more likes and comments, gets shared, business becomes a resource and very likely someone will refer the business and/or call.

Top 5 mistakes business’ make in Social Media:

  • Too much self-promotion
  • Not interacting and/or responding to posts/messages
  • Talking AT your customers and not WITH them
  • Not monitoring relevant keywords
  • Being inconsistent

Honestly, the biggest mistake would be ignoring the significance of Social Media as a viable marketing tool.

Our Social Media Architects monitor emerging trends and are experienced researchers, bloggers, and social media professionals. They are proficient in social marketing strategies, relationship building, productive interactions, and reputation management. We get to know you and your business offering and your client’s social habits…and then work with you to develop Social Media management strategies to fit your business model and budget.

  • Online influence and reputation evaluations and reports
  • Online Business Development Strategies
  • Consistent Social Network postings and interactions (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn….)
  • Research and Monitoring competitive markets
  • Blogs
  • Newsletters
  • Video Channel Management
  • Growth and expansion of followers
  • Platform Page creation

When WE manage your online presence YOU have the time to manage your business.

We want to earn your trust and help you succeed. Click here to schedule a FREE initial consultation or call us today at 816-348-3769.

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